Thursday, 30 October 2014

Creative Darts 1

As the title of this post suggests they'll be more to follow. I know I've written lots of posts on darts but I just keep falling in love with them all over again: they're useful, flattering and creative. Over the next week I'll be posting some ideas on how to experiment with placement, seam finishes and angles of darts.

In case you're new to darts here's the basics:
The Anatomy of a Dart



This side front angled dart (below) is a useful variation if your patern requires bust gathers. One of our sew-alongs last year, Butterick 5813, called for bust gathers which look great in medium to light-weight fabric but this time of year you may prefer a heavier fabric.


Butterick 5813



Moreover, if you have a fuller bust, darts are sometimes more flattering; in this case 4 darts, rather than the two below, would be a good option.


Side Front Angled Dart



Sunday, 12 October 2014

Thank You Vogue

Thanks Vogue Patterns for the fabulous designer ranges you do. I've been meaning to get these Donna Karan patterns for ages and have finally got around to ordering them.


I'm going to try and create more of my working wardrobe: usually I sew dresses for events and occasions rather than work. I love being able to dream up my ideal dress, sketch it out (below) and then create it. Whilst working on projects,like the one below, has been so much fun, it means I only get to wear the dress a few times.
I'll also have less time to spend on sketching designs as I'm currently studying anatomy and will be mastering skeletons to Christmas at least! #noclothes


Saturday, 27 September 2014

Changing Seasons

In the UK, autumn's here; perfect excuse for a wardrobe overhaul.

Not sure I'll be as organised as the lady above but I'm certainly digging out some tweed for autumn. From Chanel to Harris, tweed is a classic style choice. Tweed's not just for shooting parties, there's a tweed for every occasion: check out this vintage guide to tweed.

Sewing with tweed is an absolute dream because you can shrink out ease so that it moulds perfectly to your figure. Finally, here's a tweed I made earlier in the year...


Monday, 22 September 2014

Mystery Man

In preparation for a class next month, I've recently been researching couture illustration. Digging through the archive, I found these gems.

Picture him with a very high collar; he's still designing 16 collections a year across 3 different houses! And his name is....


Friday, 19 September 2014

Highlights: London Fashion Week

Couldn't be there this year but I've selected some of my favourites. Sketchbook at the ready this weekend...




Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Dreaming of Catwalks

Due to work commitments, London Fashion Week passed me by. I hadn't realised how much I missed my fashion fix until I noticed all the doodling in my planner! My heart was elsewhere.





Elizabeth Sees an Opportunity

If you've missed previous instalments of our story why not catch up here?

‘Affordable Housing for All or Aesthetics,’ screeched Elizabeth as she thrust the latest issue of The Comet under Rosemary’s round and now rather flustered face. After a year of working with, or under, Elizabeth she knew any attempt at self-defence was utterly useless. Rosemary would nod, apologise and then play her ace card. If there was one thing which interested Elizabeth as much as work it was acquiring the perfect house. Elizabeth's campaign against the expansion of The Garden City was, at least in part, due to the impact it might have on property prices.

Gradually, Elizabeth’s anger turned to annoyance and Rosemary knew it was time. This week’s property supplement was placed very satisfyingly onto Elizabeth’s well ordered desk. ‘The Ice Cream House,’ exclaimed an excited Elizabeth, momentarily allowing her sophisticated manner to slip. The front page of the supplement featured a property for auction which had occupied a place in Elizabeth’s dreams since childhood. As one of the most distinctive houses in the world’s first Garden City, everyone knew 52 Church Lane: the unique villa with its Neapolitan colour scheme was loved and hated in equal measure. Whilst Elizabeth's adult life had been spent in London, her childhood had slipped by in Letchmore. Passing this house as she walked to and from school everyday, Elizabeth knew it affectionately as The Ice Cream House. To a girl who dreamt of escape it symbolised summer, hope, frivolity and above all luxury. Contented with her diversionary tactics Rosemary turned to leave, Elizabeth was already reaching for the telephone receiver to dial the estate agent.


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